Materials Pricelist

Bubble Wrap (10mm)
10mm bubble wrap is ideal for protecting small items. Flexible and lightweight, it provides effective cushioning for items is transit.

375mm: $1/m or $4/5m
500mm: $1.50/m or $6/5m
750mm: $2/m or $8/5m
1500mm: $2.50/m or $10/5m

Bubble Wrap (20mm)
20mm bubble wrap is suitable for large and oddly shaped items. It provides adequate cushioning while filling small spaces.

750mm: $2.50/m or $10/5m
1500mm: $4/m or $16/5m

Corrugated Cardboard
Corrugated cardboard is the ideal solution for protecting soft items, acting as a barrier against impact damage.

600mm: $1.50/m or $6/5m
915mm: $2/m or $8/5m
1220mm: $2.50/m or $10/5m

Foam Filler
Foam filler (loosefill) is the best way to fill empty space, cushioning items while preventing unwanted movement.

Foam Filler: 10c/g or $5.50/100g

Tension Strapping

Strapping adds an extra layer of security over tape alone, ensuring your parcel remains sealed until it reaches its destination.

Tension Strapping: 50c per strap